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Posted on Feb 06,2018

Just as the eyes are the windows to the soul, we at Doshlaps are committed to bringing out the best in every home with our wide range of sophisticated, stylish and colourful window blinds and shutters collection.


But the real question is why blinds? Why use a gathering of aluminium or wooden materials strung on a cord to complement that beautiful workspace or child nursery? Here’s why- Window blinds are affordable and modern. They come in a wide range of varieties ranging from wood, aluminium to plastic, bamboo, fabric and so on. With the right measurements, we can transform your windows to the perfect spot for relaxation or selfie taking (like who doesn't love selfies in this day and age?). Not only are they colourful and vibrant and set a friendly and homely tone to your workplace and home, they come within the affordability of one’s pockets, you can try the basic, classic or premium window blinds and see which matches your taste and personality. So if you’re just a young man starting out life as a bachelor or a grandparent having the kids come over for the holidays, there’s something for everyone at Doshlaps.


Window blinds create a perfect sense of security and privacy as these blinds are operated by a cord (manual) or by using a remote control (motorized) which can be drawn to totally open, close or adjust the position to suit your need. You are also in control of the amount of light that finds its way into your home or workspace, so you can kick back your shoes and let the light in or you can close it all the way up so as to prevent the cold, the curious eyes of those meddling neighbours and the harmful and harsh effects of the sun (see, we look out for your health as well).


There’s no need to break out the washing powder just yet, window blinds just need to be cleaned up with a damp cloth periodically to keep them looking as good as ever. Did I forget to mention that they are durable and easy to maintain? So while you are taking that much needed break in Dubai, be rest assured that a single wipe from your damp cloth sends the dust packing. We also customize and create brands for our window blinds so that you can always have that perfect family picture in your heart - and also on your window.


At Doshlaps, we deliver the best in affordable and quality assured window blinds and shutters manufacturing and installation that is guaranteed to bring out the glow in your home or workspace. We also stock fabrics and components; offer a wide range of window accessories and provide well experienced and efficient workers who are up to date with modern safety measures and protocols needed to produce that satisfying result that brings a smile to your face and happiness to our hearts.


So from the eligible bachelor to the newly married couple to the workspace filled with innovative thinkers (looking at you, Techpoint), Doshlaps got you covered.


Let us help you tell a story for your homes today, you’ll be glad we did.


DOSHLAPS...the blinds expert.

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