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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I obtain samples of DOSHLAPS window treatments?

Visit our showrooms or check our WEBSITE for our addresses.


Does manufacturing apply deductions or additions to measurements?

Inside Mount: Manufacturing will apply deductions to all window treatments specified as inside mount. This is done to ensure the blind or shade will fit properly inside your window opening and that it will operate correctly. The deductions applied vary by product line.

Outside Mount: No deductions are applied to window treatments specified as outside mount. Window treatment will be manufactured to size specifications provided with appropriate additions.


How can I order DOSHLAPS window treatments?

Visit our showrooms or check our WEBSITE


How do I clean my DOSHLAPS window treatments?

Visit: Customer Support > Care and Cleaning or contact us


If I am not satisfied with my blind or shade, what can I do?

Please contact us.


What if I measured my windows incorrectly and have already placed an order for DOSHLAPS window treatments?

Please contact us immediately, but we do advise you let us take the burden off your neck by allowing us to take the measurements.


How do I obtain replacement parts?

Visit our showrooms or contact us.


Where can I get my blind or shade repaired?

Please contact us.


I am an architectural firm, how do I obtain samples/sample blinds or find out more about DOSHLAPS commercial offering?

Please visit our showrooms or contact us.


Does DOSHLAPS do anything other than window treatments?

Yes, DOSHLAPS is into interior decorations


How can I get update on DOSHLAPS Promotional Offers?

Check our WEBSITE regularly or subscribe to our mailing list.




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