How to Measure


With our lives being as busy as it is, most of us have started relying on shopping over the Internet to acquire necessities simply due to the convenience.


The window covering industry has slowly been following this trend as well, the main problem faced by consumers, however, is the fear that the measurements taken will be wrong, and your perfect blind or shade end up being an imperfect sore in your eye.


To avoid these issues and to help you save time, we have decided to offer you some general measuring tips and advice.


They are very easy to understand and will ensure none of your measurements are wrong.


How to measure for all Blinds and Shades


The first step to measuring of any kind is making sure you have the right tools, in this case a good notepad, pen or pencil and a steel measuring tape. When using the steel measuring tape


Measuring Inside mount


a common mistake made by customers is that when measuring a corner, they tend to round up to the next whole number which can end up with a blind or shade that’s too wide to fit. Also please ensure no deductions are made when measuring for an inside mount, the factory will always make standard deductions to ensure a perfect fit. Another common mistake is that customers measure for a specific type of mount (i.e inside mount) and end up ordering another mount (outside mount); an outside mount blind or shade will not fit as an inside mount. An inside mount basically means you are mounting the blind or shades inside the window frame. Now for the instructions, they are fairly simple and straight forward, you shouldn’t have any issues with them:


Inside Mount Measurements


1. Take the exact measurement of the inside width of the window casing from one inside edge to the other edge in three different places of inside window casing without bending the measuring tape. Then finalize and note the narrowest measurement out of the three measurements.

Inside mount measuring of windows

2. Measure the exact height of the inside window casing from the top edge of the opening to the bottom edge top of the sill in three different places of the inside window casing without bending the measuring tape. Then note the longest measurement out of the three measurements.
3. We don't want to take any deductions for clearance. The factory experts will take the necessary deductions for each product for that perfect fit.
4. Take the two different measurements of inside window casing diagonally as shown in the picture. If the inside diagonal dimensions are not equal, our experts recommend the outside mount option for such windows to get perfect fit and beauty to the window covering.


Outside Mount Measurements

Outside mount measuring of windows


Outside mount blinds are basically blinds that are installed outside the window


1. For taking the exact width measurement for the outside mount blinds, make sure the measurement overlapping the window opening by at least one and a half inches on each side (total three inches overlap), this helps to get complete privacy and entire block to the daylight.
2. Measuring the exact height for the outside mount blind, make sure to cover the overlap window frame from top edge of the molding to the bottom edge of the molding. Helps to get complete privacy and light control, also, give perfect beauty to the window covering.
3. For the outside mount option, there are no any allowances made by the factory.




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