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Conservatory Awnings

A conservatory is something special. It is a veritable oasis for all living creatures – an ideal place to retire to, where you can relax and find peace. The XLINE conservatory awni...

FreeStanding Awnings

Our freestanding awning, the FREELINE, is suitable for use as flexible shading of patios, pergolas and beer gardens. It doesn't need a building for fixing: the installation is moun...

Large Areas Awning

Our WINGLINE is the freestanding awning for the patio and outdoor restaurant area. With their maximum size of up to 6.5x9 or 7x8 metres and therefore a total shaded area of up to 5...

Pergola Awnings

The supported textile patio shading, the PERGOLINE, not only protects against the sun, but also the weather. Whether as a practical textile patio roof or as a covered smokers' zone...

Sidescreen Awnings

If you combine ingenuity with living quality, the result is clearly our side screen awning, the SIDELINE! Protect your privacy with style, tailormade and with individual colours. T...

Swingline Jointed Arm Awning

Imagine you had an additional room all of a sudden – outdoors. And somehow you feel as if you were on holiday. During the day, you are protected from the fierce sunshine but still ...

Topline Jointed Arm Awning

Superb quality, superb technical systems and superb design – it is no coincidence that the TOPLINE series is setting new standards in awnings. No other awning can be fitted with so...

Trendline Jointed Arm Awning

TRENDLINE awnings are all about life with style. It is new trend product vouches for top quality. The future belongs to Italian design and clear-cut lines, whose popularity gradual...

Under-Glass Awnings

The XLIGHT is mounted on the underside of glass roofs. The tried and tested tensioning system of the XLINE conservatory blinds is used, which ensures perfectly taut blinds fabric o...

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